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€8.50 €10.37 ivati


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Signage plates, available in one-sided or two-sided versions; to be mounted to wall, pole or hung. The print is easy to insert and change when needed.
Signage kit includes custom-sized aluminum sections, side covers, clear protective film; two-sided plates are furthermore supplied with either hooks or brackets for wall mount.

Available sizes:
- mm 100x100
- mm 100x1000
- mm 150x150
- mm 150x1000
- mm 215x300
- mm 215x1000
For larger orders, size can be customized.

Our plates feature a protective clear cover; however, for outdoor use, we recommend using laminated paper or other water-resistant materials for your print.
In case of urgent need contact us to verify the stock of the product available in the warehouse, if the plates are not available they need to be prepared specially (about 7 days).

On request possibility also of other types of advertising/information plates:

- Plexiglas, composite aluminum or other materials
- with a square, rectangular, rounded, elliptical shape ...
- To be fixed to the wall with spacers
- suitable for indoor and outdoor use
- decorated with pictograms dedicated to the issues of work and security or printed with custom artwork of your choice

Custom plates