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Material: Pannellux is the new range of light panels with aluminum frame and LED backlighting. Refined design thanks to the limited thickness of the frame (17mm).

Print: on backlight or other media suitable for backlighting, easily interchangeable with the ability to remove the front panel in plexiglass (magnetized) simply through the supplied suction cup. Various sizes available: A4, A3, A2, A1, A0, 70x100cm, 100x140cm, 100x200cm

Key features: The product operates on a low voltage 12 volt ensuring safe installations for anyone (adapter supplied). These luminous frames can be placed on the wall or suspended. Pannellux can be installed either horizontally or vertically, CE certified for indoor use.

Pannellux main technical data:

Size Print size Expenditure Frame size (wxhxd)
A4  210x297 mm (190x277 mm in sight)  2 w  w260mm h347mm d17mm 
A3  297x420 mm (277x400 mm in sight)  4 w  w347mm h470mm d17mm 
A2  420x594 mm (400x574 mm in sight)  8 w  w470mm h644mm d17mm 
A1  594x841 mm (574x821 mm in sight)  10 w  w644mm h891mm d17mm 
A0  841x1189 mm (821x1169 mm in sight)  15 w  w891mm h1239mm d17mm 
70x100 cm  700x1000 mm (680x980 mm in sight)  19 w  w750mm h1050mm d17mm 
100x140 cm  1010x1410 mm (980x1380 mm in sight)  28 w  w1050mm h1450mm d17mm 
100x200 cm  950x1950 mm (930x1930 mm in sight) 38 w  w1000mm h2000mm d17mm 

If the luminous frames are displayed in the window, you should space them 50cm from the glass to avoid expansion to the excessive heat.