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€6.50 €7.93 ivati

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- BAGS: possibility to provide additional bags for the transport of advertising displays and prints. On requeste we can evalutae tailor made realizationsl

- BLACKBOARD / WHITEBOARD CLEANER: Spray with detergent solution (250ml.) can effectively remove the writing of the markers from chalkboards (white / black). Simply spray the product by wiping it with a cloth to clean and take care of blackboards.

- BLISTER HANGER: made of steel, length cm 20. Can be used on Prisma and Blister Holder displays. Can also be fitted to Easy, for batches of at least 20 displays. Please contact our sales department.

- CHALK MARKER – SIGEL GESS: white color for writing on blackboards. The writings are resistant to the rain, use a damp cloth or a sponge to remove them. Also visible on an overhead projector. 

- FLEXIBLE HOOKS for tensioning the prints: black elastic rope, diameter 6mm, with cup hook. Resting length 20cm. Ideal for tension banners. 

- HALOGEN SPOTLIGHT: comes with clamp for fastening; 35-50W bulb, transformer for low voltage functioning; cable. Indoor use.
Can be fitted to Flash Deluxe, Skatto Duo, Skatto Maxi, Skatto, Basic, Duplex, Spider X, Standy, Trio, Dna Banner Display, Easy, Jolly, Nerone, Quinta.

- PLATE FOR TOTEM COUNTERWEIGHT: rectangular plate made of painted iron size 50x100 cm / 3 mm thickness. Prepared with holes to be screwed under the base of the totems. It's an ideal ballast for positioning the totems outside when it's not possible to fix them directly to the ground. Beyond the additional weight (about 13 kg) the plate increases the ground surface of the totem, lowering the center of gravity for a better stability. (Can be fitted to Totem, Totem Cor-Ten, Totem Lux/Led, Totem Flat)

- PLEXIGLAS LITERATURE/BROCHURE HOLDER POCKET*: available in the following sizes: A4, A5 and 10x21. Can be fitted to Totem, Totem Cor-Ten, Tris, Tower, Easy, Prisma, Jolly, Nerone, Blister holder display.

- SANDBAGS: sandbags 25kg useful tp counterbalance totems and other advertising structures when you can not tassellate them to the ground. For the aesthetic impact it's possible to hide them inside the totem or behind the graphic. It can be used for example on Totem, Totem Cor-Ten, Flat, Tris, Tower, Prisma, Nerone, fillable bases for flags etc. 

- SPACERS FOR PLATES / PANELS: attacks in brushed aluminum, 13mm diameter for panels of thickness max 6mm. 
You can ask to our commercial office also spacers with different colors and sizes.

- WEIGHT FOR FLAGS: Counterweight in chromed metal. Size 60mm, diameter 15mm. Weight 100gr. The weight has a hole to insert cords, bands or other elements to attach the weight to the flag. You can purchase 1 piece or a package with 10 pieces.

- 3 WHEEL KIT: 3 reinforced wheels. Can be fitted to Tris.

- 4 WHEEL KIT: 4 reinforced wheels. Can be fitted to Totem, Totem Cor-Ten, Tower, Out, Totem Flat.

- KEDER SILICONE PROFILE: used in the packaging of prints on stretch fabric, advertising banners, flexible backlit materials such backlight, pearl, samba, etc .. It guarantees a perfect tensioning of the prints housed in the appropriate structures. Available in sizes of 10m. linear (and multiple) or 100mt reels. The keder profile measures 14.7 (3.2mm thick); on request we can supply profiles with alternative characteristics; for example cylindrical or elasticized.


For customized accessories please contact our sales department.

Universal accessories to use with the listed display solutions.