Cookies Policy uses cookies to ensure the proper functioning of procedures and improve the experience of use of online applications.

Cookies are short pieces of text (letters and / or numbers) that allow the web server to store on the client (browser) information, such as display preferences or profile information, for reuse during the same visit to the site (session cookies) or later, even after several days (persistent cookies).

Cookies are stored, according to user preferences from a single browser on the specific device being used (computer, tablet, smartphone).

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Purpose and Use

Cookies allow us to offer the user a better browsing experience, customizing the display of content on offer as well as the proper functioning of the procedures such as registration and online purchasing.

Our cookies do not give us in any way the ability to access other content on your device or collect other information about your person, other than those who have explicitly decided to send us.

It is essential and cookies of a technical nature, as they are necessary for the proper operation of the site: without them it would not be possible to provide some functionality. This type of cookie is used for the following:

  • improve the navigation and usability of content
  • monitor sessions and site performance
  • allow authentication of users registered with the service
  • allow the insertion and management of purchase orders from users

Third-party Cookies

Some pages of the site uses the following third-party cookies:

  •, to see the map provided by Google Maps, to show videos from our official YouTube channel, and will allow for the interaction with the social network Google+

For more information about using and how to manage cookies of third parties refer to the following links:

Google Maps




The following table provides information on cookies and their purpose / content used by the site:

cookie namedescription
CART Records the association between the visitor and the current contents of the cart
CATEGORY_INFO Records information of the categories displayed, to improve the performance of the web page
COMPARE It contains the reference to / articles that are currently comparing
CURRENCY It contains information on monetary currency that is currently using
CUSTOMER It contains in encrypted form your number from our shop
CUSTOMER_AUTH Indicates whether you are currently connected to your private section of the store (user login)
CUSTOMER_INFO Contains in encrypted form the type of user that owns your account at the store
CUSTOMER_SEGMENT_IDS Segment registers the ID of the customer during the order
EXTERNAL_NO_CACHE Indicates whether the cache is enabled or not
FRONTEND Session cookies, registered with the server
GUEST-VIEW It allows unregistered visitors to change their orders
LAST_CATEGORY Contains the last category you viewed
LAST_PRODUCT Contains the last item displayed
NEWMESSAGE If present, it indicates the presence of new messages
NO_CACHE Indicates whether or not the browser allows the use of cache for content
PERSISTENT_SHOPPING_CART Link to information about your shopping cart and the historian of the products displayed on the site
POLL It contains the ID of the reviews / voting in which you participated recently
POLLN It contains information on reviews / voting in which you participated
RECENTLYCOMPARED List of items that you have recently compared
STF Link to articles that have recently sent to your recipients via email
STORE The current display mode of the site and the language of your choice
USER_ALLOWED_SAVE_COOKIE It indicates whether the client has consented to the use of cookies during the purchase
VIEWED_PRODUCT_IDS List of recently viewed articles on the site
WISHLIST Contains in encrypted form the list of the items in your wishlist
WISHLIST_CNT The number of items included in the wishlist

Other cookies are instead used to collect statistical information, in aggregate and anonymous, the number of users and how they visit the site. uses Google Analytics to analyze the statistics about site visitors: Analytics is an analysis tool from Google that helps website owners understand how visitors interact with the content of their site. Google Analytics uses a set of cookies to gather information and generate usage statistics website without personal identification of individual visitors. This site does not use (and do not allow third parties to use) the analysis tool of Google to track or collect personally identifiable information; Google will not associate your IP address with any other data held by Google or seek to link an IP address with the identity of a user.
For more information, see you can manage a selective action of installing Google Analytics on your browser component opt-out provided by Google: