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Goccia 2
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€28.00 €34.16 ivati

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Material: fiberglass pole, total height: 1.90 meters.

Print: on fabric, interchangeable, cm 64,8x160,3 in size, shaped according to our template.

Key features: Free-standing teardrop flag stand, easy to assemble, portable in their special bag, great visual impact; outdoor/indoor use.

* For drop flags in larger sizes, please consider our Goccia 1 and Super Drop.


Possibility of various pedestals to choose from (for more information see the product page):
Optional bases
The optional carrying bag is compatible with all the various types of pedestal with the exception of the concrete base.

Flag Quality Flag stands are a very effective tool for visual communication. Just by looking around, one may notice how flags are catchy, fashionable and increasingly popular display solutions for anyone wishing to advertise products, services, brands etc. Flags catch attention with their waving in the wind, assuring great visual impact thanks to their larger sizes (height from 185 to 1200 cm), enhancing your advertising message through unusual shapes (square, drop, sail, triangular etc.).

Our flag stands are suitable for outdoor use. However, we recommend taking them indoors in case of harsh weather conditions. Only our flagpoles, being anchored to the ground in a special reinforced concrete base, can permanently be located outdoors, even in harsh conditions. Our other flag solutions, also suitable for outdoor use being sturdy and ballasted, are mainly designed for temporary events thanks to their portability (Eolo, Eolo Big, Vela, Maxivela, Goccia1, Goccia2, Pitagora, ..).

Flags are printed on ‘nautical’ polyester fabric (a standard material for flags), with a heat dye sublimation process. This is the best manufacturing process for printing on fabric; it furthermore causes a “showthrough” of at least 90% of the image on the back side of the sheet: both sides of the fabric are thus decorated (on the backside, there will obviously be a mirror image). Fabrics are manufactured with professional equipment that can assure consistent, top-quality seams; all flags are carefully edged around the perimeter, making them resistant. We only use top-quality materials; our fabrics are made in Europe and our inks are manufactured by leading companies. Duration of the print and integrity of the material depend on the weather conditions the flag is exposed to (wind, UV rays, salt, pollution, weather conditions etc.) Therefore, no manufacturer can offer long-term guarantees irrespective of the flag’s environment. In most cases, duration is considerable (clients often use the flag for a very long time, contacting us to inquire about fabric care – please wash cold, just like with delicates).

For who needs two-sided print our sale office can quote a 250gr/mq polyester tex fully customizable with direct UV print. This support is supplied with inner blockout that prevent the intereference between the two side.(watch the video)