Plexiglas display

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€1.00 €1.22 ivati

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Material: Floor display stands, featuring metal posts made of a vertical tube and a round base, fitted with coupling rings for fastening accessories, allowing countless different setups of the structure.
New: renovated basic design with square shape.

Key features: DNA is the essence of communication. It’s amazing how its simple and basic structure enables the client to obtain any desired solution in just a few steps.
The metal post can be fitted with multiple accessories, giving the possibility to create endless display solutions for all needs. This is made possible by practical and elegant coupling rings.

DNA is completely customizable: you choose style, number, arrangement and colors of the accessories. This item is totally versatile: it can become a literature/brochure holder, a merchandise display, a divider, a booth wall, or any or all of these combined.
The aforementioned uses are but a few examples of DNA’s potential: your creativity will do the rest.


Optional TV holder

This web page offers a general presentation of the DNA system. Given its great versatility, this product can be set up in many different ways. Some typical layouts are presented in other pages of this website:
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