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Chalkboard Black Board
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€9.75 €11.90 ivati

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Materiale: rewritable blackboards, available in three versions (floor or wall installation). Plastic panels that recall the black slate effect typical of traditional whiteboards with the advantages of light weight and economy.

metal corner for blackboard
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Chalkboards are supplied with metal corners to discretely embellish the structure (if you don't want to apply the metal corners to the chalkboard you may indicate it when ordering)

This boards are ideal for the sector ho.re.ca. in general ( for restaurants, taverns , wine bars, wine bars ). Useful for all contexts in which the message must be renewed frequently. Boards are suitable for indoor and outdoor use (WARNING: Excessive exposure to direct sunlight during periods of high temperatures, it could lead to a deformation of the slabs in freestanding versions).

blackboard easelBlack blackboard easel Pair of chalkboard panels ( 50x70 cm , 50x100 cm , 70x100 cm or custom size) joined together by a special toolbar that allows you to expose them in a tripod mode. The same bar allows to closing the blackboard for facilitating the transport.
Black board with standChalkboard Black board with stand
Blackboard panel ( 50x70 cm , 50x100 cm , 70x100 cm  or custom size ) made ​​self-supporting with a pedestal  which is also black . For more information on this pedestal see the product page dedicated to Nerone.
wall mount blackboard Black board wall mount 
Blackboard panel ( 50x70 cm , 50x100 cm , 70x100 cm , 50x150 cm  or custom size ) to be fixed to the wall. It's possible to request to drill holes to hang the blackboards, alternatively they can be affixed with other systems such as spacers , screws, adhesive tape, etc. This version is also interesting in the domestic environment to write down the shopping list or other reminders.

It's easy to customize the blackboard by writing on it with special markers ( liquid chalk white or colored ) that are also resistant to rain . Alternatively, you can use normal chalks . The graphics are renewable by simply deleting the massage and rewriting a new one.

This blackboards are ideal solutions to advertise the menu of the day, the lotteries jackpot of the moment, last minut offers and any other massage destined to frequent variations. It's also possible to customize this boards with digital adhesive prints.

Any signs / lines on the surface of the blackboard do not represent production defects, they are classified as an intrinsic characteristic of the material.


In the section "Optional for exhibitors" you can buy in liquid chalk markers suitable for these boards. On the same page you can also find the spray cleaner.

Upon request possibility to supply blackboards with frames, in different models (wall-mounted blackboard, easel blackboard , blackboard for tables): contact our sales department.

Chalkboard Black Board